Thank you for sending your friends and family to us. Your recommendation means a great deal to all of us at Gabler Orthodontics! Our team is dedicated to providing extraordinary service with compassion and consideration of each individual’s needs. Our goal is to provide a lifetime gift of a healthy and beautiful smile.

We would appreciate your feedback about your experiences in our office. For your convenience you can email us at info@gablerortho.com or mail your comments to:
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I am extremely happy with the end result!  It took time, but was certainly worth it!  My teeth have never looked better.

Grace A.

I have had such a great experience with Gabler over my years!  The phenomenal staff is always so welcoming and kind, and I would not have my beautiful smile without them!

Carli L.

Finally getting my braces off.  Feels great!  I’m glad I got them before high school so my smile will be all ready for Freshman year.  It was a great experience for me.

Payton V.

I am so thankful that I was able to get braces and no I have an amazing smile!

McKenna B.

I’ve had a really great experience here, and I would recommend it to anyone interested in getting braces.  What I like most about Gabler, besides everyone being very friendly and welcoming, is that I never felt that the people working were inexperienced or incapable.  Thank you for everything!!

Annika Z.

Dr. Gabler and his staff always went above and beyond to ensure comfort, confidence, and full understanding in working towards the end goal of a happy smile.  I’m thrilled with the results and can’t thank them enough for it.

Steve V.

My braces experience was very enjoyable, thank you Gabler Orthodontics.  I love my smile and cannot wait to share it with the rest of the world.  Everyone was so nice and it was always a joy coming to my appointment.  Thank you for the amazing smile!!!

Lindsey T.

Dear Gabler Team,

Thank you so much for the great care given to Mike, Claire and myself over the last several years! Your team is nothing short than amazing from Sarah and Kelly in the beginning phase to Angie always being so friendly at the front desk. I made many calls to the ladies who work within your billing department and they were so helpful and kind throughout the process. Also, many of your staff worked directly with Mike, Claire and myself we found them to always be enjoying their job and yet remained professional at all times. Dr Gabler you have a lot to be proud of and I’m so happy that we chose your practice when looking for orthodontic care. 

 Mike, Julie & Claire Fischer

My whole experience has been wonderful.  To see the finished outcome was remarkable.  Thank you for my beautiful smile.

Kayla H.

My experience here was fun and easy.  Getting my braces off already felt like no time!

Kayla H.

My experience here was fun and easy.  Getting my braces off already felt like no time!

Kendra H.

ways happy and talking to you.  Thank  you so much!

Jordan S.

Thank you for a wonderful experience. The people here were so nice! I love my new smile.

Macey H.

Thanks for the time you gave to make a perfect smile for me!

Alysha B.


I had a great experience! Everyone here was beyond nice!

Oren K.

I had a very positive experience at Gabler.  Everyone here is always smiling and does a fantastic job of engaging with me and asking about my life.  Thanks for the great smile and all your kindness!

Colton C.

Colton C.

I have had a wonderful experience at Gabler for the two years that I have been here.  It was worth having braces to be able to be around everyone and meet people working here.

Katie B.

My experience has been so great and I am so glad that I finally have the smile I wanted! Everyone has been so kind and I wouldn’t have the smile I have without them! Thank you!

Hannah Z.

Dr. Gabler’s Orthodontics was an amazing place for me to get my braces on, get my teeth straightened, and I think that it will change the thought of your smile.

Matt K.

I was pleased with the service here.  Everyone is always happy and I was always greeted with a smile.  Plus, my teeth look great!!!! Thanks!!!

Tommy J.

It’s a long process, but it really pays off in the end!

Lauryn W.

I had a wonderful experience at Gabler Orthodontics.  Everyone is so nice and positive which really helped me through the process.

Gina V.

My experience was unbelievable, all of the staff made it priceless.  I would pick to go here 100 times again.  I really appreciate all of the time and effort for my teeth!  Thanks again,

Danny K.

We have had all 3 children get their braces from Dr. Gabler.  All 3 had amazing results.  The office staff did a great job with scheduling appointments to fit our schedules.  We have no complaints on anything.  Thanks for 3 beautiful smiles!

Bill and Kathy D.

My experience with Gabler Orthodontics was very pleasant!  Everyone there is kind and friendly.  Thanks for a beautiful smile!

Jenna Q.

My experience here was awesome.  They explain everything they are going to do.  I would recommend this place to everyone.

Gabby L.

This has been a great experience from the first consult to the placement of the retainers.  Dr. Gabler and the staff fully explained the whole procedure, and were so friendly from the first greetings on arrival until the making of the next appointment.  I will continually recommend Gabler Orthodontics to anyone needing their services.  As we say in Maine –this has been a “wicked good” experience and result!

Mary Ann J.

My experience at Gabler’s was amazing.  All of the Assistants were great, and extremely friendly.  Dr. Gabler is extremely kind and will tell you anything you want to know about the process.

Trevor K.

*Everyone is so nice from the minute you walk in the door!
*I love all the “extras” you do for the kids to keep it fun.
*I recommend your office to lots of people.

Kristin L.

Throughout all my years here the workers have always treated me very well and I appreciate all their hard work and time that I have taken. 🙂

Becca H.

They were always kind and full of smiles.  They were always interested in what was going on in school life.  I had a great experience at Dr. Gablers Orthodontics.

Alexis N.

As an adult who decided to get braces on for a second time in my life, I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Dr. Gabler is a miracle worker and I highly recommend making the investment into your teeth no matter your age! Dr. Gabler and his entire team are a pleasure to work with and the time flies and before you know it you have a great looking smile!

Jan D.

This place is great!  I have always appreciated the professionalism here.

Nathan B. 

These last couple of years, I’ve done a lot of growing and as I’m about to enter the “real world” I’m so thankful for a smile I can be proud of.  Thanks so much for all the hard work, you’ve all done for me.

Aaron T.

I loved everything about Gabler Orthodontics!! Everything you did to get my teeth perfect was amazing.  I liked how you guys cared if I was okay and everthing.  Thank you so much!!

Emilee K.

My experience was great. Everyone was nice and I have no complaints. I would refer everyone who needs braces or other dental work done to Gabler Orthodontics.

Alex D.

I really enjoyed being able to get my braces at Gabler Orthodontics.  Everyone here was very kind during my experience.  I love how great my teeth turned out in the end!!

Haley G.

Braces in my opinion were great because they constantly got me out of school and they also helped my overbite.

Tyler W.

It was a wonderful experience!  I lvoe my teeth with the new way they look!  Through hard work on them it finally paid off!  Sometimes it took a little while waiting, but overall it was a wonderful experience!

Morgan D. 

Braces are definitely part of an interesting experience. While it may be painful and tedious to take care of them, the end result is worth it.  My smile has never been more beautiful.  I know the road may be tough, and you may have to teach yourself self-discipline, but in the end it is worth it.

Emily V.

My experience was better than I could imagine.  Everyone her is wonderful!  The outcome is AMAZING!! It is worth it!

Claudia S.

All of the employees are kind and will go out of their way to give you your best smile!  I appreciate everything everyone has done!  This means a lot:)!  Thank you

Grace L.

Such wonderful people and I’m so happy with my smile :)!

Carmen Y.

Thank you so much for giving me such a beautiful smile!!

Jenna J.

Dr. Gabler,

Thank  you so much for all the work you put into my smile!  You & your team all rock :).  You’ve been a part of all of my sisters’ smiles as well!


Sara V.

I’m glad I came to Gabler and the team.  You all are so nice!  Thank  you for my smile!

Cassandra Y.

I am so grateful that the Gabler Orthodontics team gave me this beautiful smile.

Kelsey G.

Gabler cared about me individually rather than about the entire business.  I liked having the same people help me instead of a new face every time.

Isabella D.

I have had a very good experience at Gabler Orthodontics.  Everyone is very inviting and always have great smiles.  I am so happy with the results as well!  Can’t stop smiling now!  Thank you!

Jacky F.

Thank you so much for being with me through this transformation.  You all are such kind people and I apologize deeply for being 17 minutes late that one appointment.  I hope you can forgive me.

Michael K.

I was so nervous, but everyone was very nice and made it super easy!  I love my new smile!  Thank you!

Klaire K.

Getting your braces off is great!  They were always so friendly and nice.

Erika P.

I was extremely nervous with dental anything.  I literally used to cry while driving to dental examinations.  Dr. Gabler and everyone in the office made me very comfortable and eliminated my self consciousness with my smile.  I am very happy with the results.  I would recommend Dr. Gabler to anyone!  I would say my only wish is that I did it earlier!

Rose S.

I had a positive experience at Gabler Orthodontics.  The staff was always very helpful and friendly.  I love my new smile!

Alisa L.

Everyone here is so nice and sweet!  My smile looks Great!  Thank you!

Gaby W.

My experience with the Gabler team is indescribable!  Thank you for such a beautiful gift!  The staff and Dr. Gabler were so pleasant to be surrounded with!  Thank you so very much!

Lauren B.

At first I was a little nervous and thought that getting braces would hurt.  It didn’t.  The hardest part of it was having the self-control to stay away from all the sticky candy!  Thank you Dr. Gabler and team for a beautiful smile!

Emily P.

All of the people here are sooo nice!  I love coming here.  Thank you so much for everything.  I am very thankful and happy that I got braces!

Brittany V.

Thank you so much.  This was a great experience.  My teeth feel great and I love my smile :).  Thanks again!

Sydney S.

People always say braces are awful.  But it wasn’t bad!  Now look how great my teeth look thanks to them.

Sara H. 

So thankful that this process went so perfectly.  The Gabler team is truly amazing.

Mikayla S.

Get your braces here!  You’ll love your smile after and you will se that braces are not that bad!

Grace R.

<>Great Experience!  Helpful and supportive staff.  Everything from instructions on braces care to prescription for extra flouride toothpaste — its been a very positive process! Thank You!  Lots of extra “fun” things — like contests, t-shirts–fun for the kids!

Pam S.

Being here for 9 1/2 years have been amazing.  Everyone here is amazing and very nice.  The outcome was well worth it!

Megan H.

The people here were so nice and easy going.  Because of their nice personalities, it made having my braces easy & more relaxing.

Melody T.

Every penny that my family has paid for my braces and experience at Gabler has been SO WORTH IT!  Everyone is so nice and friendly and does a nice job.  I would like to thank everyone at Gabler Ortho! My results could never be any better.  Thank you!

Lily T.

I’m very grateful for my new smile!! Dr. Gabler was very precise in my treatment, wants, and concerns for my smile!  Thank you Dr. Gabler so much!!  Happiness comes with a great smile!!

Allyson S.

In the beginning it was uncomfortable and weird.  But after a few weeks they felt like normal.  After 2 1/2 years, my teeth have never been straighter.  I am so glad I got braces.

Sam V.

The whole staff was very friendly and helpful throughout the entire process.  My teeth look great, so thank you for the time and effort.  It is greatly appreciated.  I love my smile!

Josie D.

Grant it, it took a long time, it was well worth the wait. I’m thankful for their amazing work and the chance to fix my teeth and smile.

Dominick S.



I just wanted to let all of you know that we are so happy with the experience that we had with everyone at Gabler Orthodontics.  Riley had a great experience and every visit was pleasant, he never complained.  His teeth look wonderful!

Thank you for everything that you have done to make his smile perfect!

Randy, Renee & Riley Z.

I cried at first because I thought I looked like a freak, but oh my goodness it was worth it!  I’m more than happy that I had this done, especially with Dr. Gablers awesome team.  Thank You! 🙂

Gabby J.

I really like my new smile, thank you for making the process as worry free as possible.  The staff here are really great 🙂


Alexandra R.

I will never forget the 11 years I spent as a patient of  Dr. Gabler.  I really grew up there!  To finally have a beautiful smile after that long is an amazing feeling!  Thank you SO much Dr. Gabler and staff for many memories!

Allie A.

We were referred to Dr. Gabler by our family dentist to look into possible orthodontic work for our daughters even though they are a bit younger than most candidates at ages of 7 and 9.  While we were certain they each were going to need some sort of orthodontic help, we were not experienced in this matter.  Dr. Gabler’s wonderful and friendly staff walked us through the process and allowed us to make an informed decision regarding the process.

Prior to braces, each girl was fitted with a device called an appliance which widens their mouth.  This allows the process to be done without removing teeth; a much better option.

At the initial visit and consultation we viewed the photos of the girls mouths and made the choice to go ahead with the process. Dr. Gabler described to us his preferred method of tackling our girls’ situation, and you could see the difference almost immediately.  Each week you could see their mouths changing shape allowing room for their adult teeth to come in.  The results are remarkable, it is almost scary to see the before photos…

This has been such a wonderful experience so far, we HIGHLY recommend Dr. Gabler and his staff.  From scheduling appointments around our busy lives, to helping with the financial aspects of the process, to the professionalism displayed by each and every member of the team, we are nothing but extremely impressed and grateful for their help.

Dr. Gabler’s team is the best, hands down!  We love them and their work!

Shayla and Vince Christopher

Dr. Gabler is straight forward about your personalized treatment and listens to your questions and concerns.  The supporting staff is incredibly amiable and positive.  I would recommend Dr. Gabler and his team without hesitation!

Kaylah P.Testimonial

I had jaw surgery and braces with Dr. Gabler and LOVED the results!!

Amy L.

I decided to go with Invisalign braces because of the ease of keeping my teeth clean and ease of the entire process.  Everything was simple and easy.  The staff are exceptionally friendly and helpful.  Dr. Gabler provided excellent care throughout.

Stephen W.

Thank you so much for doing such an amazing job on my Invisalign.  Each and every one of you put so much time, energy, and effort into making my teeth look AWESOME, all while having a smile on your face.  Extra shout to Angie & Tammy for successfully managing my insane schedule and for keeping everything organized…. you ladies are saints!!  Even while juggling school, work, and study abroad, it has been a pleasure working with Gabler Orthodontics and all around excellent experience.  Thank you for making my smile BEAUTIFUL, AND KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!

Keep Smiling,
Jenny N.

I am so glad I chose to go through Gabler Orthodontics because they made it possible to get my teeth to look how I wanted and the way I wanted.  I’m so glad I had Invisalign rather than braces as well.

Taylor S.          

My experience here has been amazing.  The staff is very knowledgeable and caring.  I love my new smile and I appreciate al that the Gabler teams has done to make this experience great!

Sophie V.

I am so grateful for Gabler Orthodontics.  It was a long two years, but the smile I have now and the confidence I feel is so incredible that I would do it again in a heartbeat.  I feel like a  better version of myself.

Jennie S.

Rob J

For my entire adult life, I clearly recognized and came to accept that my tooth alignment and bite were a complete mess.  I guess for 30+ years I just recognized my teeth for what they were and for a variety of reasons continually opted out of getting treatment.  Now after seeing the final results, I wish I would have done this 20 years ago!  The process went very smoothly and every one of the staff treated me kindly and with professionalism and customized care.

Most importantly, I now feel comfortable smiling and letting people see my teeth!  For so many years I instinctively hid my teeth and often would not smile as I was embarrassed by them.  Because I did not smile, it’s my belief that people often got the wrong read on my personality and took me as being tight or rigid.  I am far from rigid and like to have a good time and laugh but my body language (and smile) did not always indicate that to others (especially those that did not know me real well).  I can now smile with a level of confidence I previously never had.  Thank you to the Gabler team for literally putting a smile on my face!Rob J

Rob J.

Thank you so much for giving me a great smile and making my teeth straight.

Emma M.

Dear Dr. Gabler and Staff, My name is Jeanine Van Sistine.  With my husband, Tom, we want to thank you all for the high quality, professional orthodontic care you provided our daughter Katie.  At each step, you all provided us with education, were patient with our questions, clear expectations, as well as clearly outlined treatment plan, costs and communication with our family dentist.  Your office was always clean; staff professional, kind and encouraging to all of us.  Thank you for everything.

Jeanine V.

I had a great time at Gabler Orthodontics!  I’ve come so far since the first day I came here, thank you so much!  Everyone has been so helpful to me here, they’ve always explained what’s going on, what’s going to happen, and always answering my questions!  Thank you so much!

Kathryn V.

I think that appointments are well done here.  My teeth don’t hurt super super bad, and they always know what they’re doing.

Cambria L.

Braces weren’t as bad as I thought they would be and it was fun to pick different colors each time I came in.

Mackinsey D.

I love it here, when friends ask where they should go for their ortho I’m the first to say, Gabler’s 🙂  Everyone here is so nice and I’m so glad I got to come here!!!  Thanks for Everything!

Brianna K.


I liked how friendly you all were to me.  Asking how my sports are going and school and such. I appreciated that.

Drew H.

At first, I was very nervous.  But at the end, I was surprised that it was done!  I am happy to have braces because I never really liked my teeth.  My family has been saying that I will have very pretty teeth afterward.  So, I’m hoping that’s true! 🙂

Myranda B.

I like the new Look!  It’s cozy!  My visits here are always wonderful, especially since I got those darn braces off 🙂

Cecilia C.

The experience was great, minimal pain and you guys are so kind.  Thank you lots!

Dominick S.

It’s always a fun and comfortable experience.

Blake B.

It’s a great place to come.  They know everyone’s name, and that was cool to me.

Jered B.

At 56 years old, having my teeth straightened was a big decision.  My children had been patients of Dr. Gabler 15 years ago, so I already knew the outcome of his expertise-beautiful smiles!  After my initial consultations, I trusted Dr. Gabler’s opinion that Invisalign was a good fit for me. And was he right!  Wearing Invisalign has become routine and also allows the flexibility to take the trays out when I have something special to attend.  I had braces as a teenager and really didn’t like the feeling of food in my teeth.  Wearing Invisalign, I am able to take the trays out while I eat, brush and put them back in.  People generally don’t even realize I am wearing Invisalign – I like that too.  Trusting your Dr. is crucial.  I have complete faith that when my treatment is finished, Dr. Gabler will smile his warm smile and I will smile a big smile back!
Thank you!

Jill H.

With state of the art technology and a staff that is knowledgeable on the latest in orthodontics, Gabler Orthodontics does a great job of tailoring a treatment plan to fit the needs of each individual patient.  We have always been very satisfied with the care our children have received and they always enjoy coming.

Paul H.

Parrett FamilyWe had an initial consult today and we were extremely impressed! We left the office not thinking about which Orthodontist to go with but rather setting up our next appointment! My daughter Addy was all smiles. She said, “Dr. Gabler’s office is very family friendly. I like the fish tank.” For a Mom who is brand new to Orthodontics, I am breathing a sigh of relief! My daughter went from being extremely nervous about getting braces to actually smiling and being excited about her treatment plan. Seriously! Dr. Gabler and his staff turned a very uncertain and scary day into a much brighter one!!!!! Thank you!

Lisa and Addy P.

Gasick BoysOur dentist recommended Dr. Gabler and we are so glad he did!  Our son received excellent care from Dr. Gabler and his staff.  Literally every person on his staff is professional and helpful and has such a wonderful customer service orientation.  Every question was answered completely, every appointment scheduled appropriately, every appointment started with a smile and warm hello…truly a wonderful office, staff, and doctor.  I recommend Dr. Gabler to everyone!

Kathy G.

Diedrich Family

With having 3 children with different schedules, sometimes conflicts with appointments arise.  Dr. Gabler’s office has always been able to accommodate us in a friendly manner – that is appreciated.

Kathy D.

The staff at Gabler’s office is very personable and helpful.  I especially appreciated Dr. Gabler’s concern and gentle nature after my son broke his jaw.

Ann W.

This office is like family!  Everyone is always smiling and very pleasant; they go out of their way to help however they can.  I would highly recommend Dr. Gabler and staff to anyone needing braces, etc.

Lori A.

Van Hoof ChildrenWe want to say “thank you!” for the handsome smile you put on our son’s face.  Even though his teeth didn’t need a lot of adjustment, the end result was an incredible change.  I did not think his teeth and smile could look so awesome.  He has small teeth to begin with and in the end his teeth don’t look small at all.  You are a master in your skill, Dr. Mike, and that is proven by the end result.  I have seen other work done by you and have always liked the style of the smile you create with your expertise.

Today, our daughter had her braces put on by your team.  Without a doubt, we trust your work will have that same awesome effect on her smile in a couple of years.

Julie Van Hoof

The office is fantastic.  Very clean and modern.  The staff is terrific at answering questions and helping out.  My daughters love Dr. Gabler!

Colleen O.

erikaThank you   –   you are the best!
I just wanted to say THANK YOU for giving me a reason to smile again!  You did an amazing job and I hope you continue bringing smiles to people’s faces for years to come!

Erika H.

Dear Dr. Gabler & Staff
For your personal care, accommodating my challenging schedule these 4 years, for giving me back my smile, more confidence, and the “approachability” that comes with both.  So pleased with your results.  You truly are professionals…with a lot of heart.  Thank you so Much!

Peter D.

Congratulations!  You have successfully conquered braces on the entire BOWERS CLAN!  Yes all 4 of my children have had braces from Dr. Gabler.  I believe we started with Dr. Gabler back 7 or so years ago with our first born.  You have just finished up with our youngest.  What an awesome job – We have 4 kids with BEAUTIFUL SMILES!

The real success in my eyes is that throughout the past 7 years – I can only remember one time that I had to come in for a non-scheduled appt. – for a loose wire.  Really – only 1 time!  Unbelievable.  That says a lot for your office staff.  Very impressive.   All 4 kids stayed on schedule – and got their braces off when you told us they were going to get them off – way to stick with the plan.

I am going to miss all of your friendly kind receptionists also….

Judy B.

Dr. Gabler and the staff are really sweet people.  They actually made an effort to get to know me.

Cheyenne Q.W.


After my daughter Madee left Dr. Gabler’s office today for her checkup, she said, “I love going to the orthodontist!”  Thanks to Dr. Gabler and his team for making this such a great office and experience for kids.  Much different from mine growing up.

Dani G.

Dr. Gabler (and Everyone!),
Thanks for another great visit, Sarah loves her appointments! We’re very happy with the results so far.
Thanks again, and have a Blessed Day!

The Rowe Family

The front desk is very pleasant and helpful when it comes to scheduling appointments.  I was able to get in within a day of calling which was very convenient.  The staff is always able to answer any questions I have and I am always greeted with a smile and a team ready to assist me.  I do and will refer my friends and family to Dr. Gabler and team.

Elizabeth J.